Case studies

Dubai Opera: automatic swing doors in maritime architecture

Theatre, concert hall, exhibition area and meeting point: Dubai Opera is setting culture lovers' hearts racing as the first multifunctional cultural landmark in the heart of Dubai. Functional GEZE swing doors fit perfectly into this unique building’s post-modern architecture.

Traditional shapes, futuristic design, state-of-the-art building technology

Like a gigantic glass ship, the Dubai Opera towers over downtown Dubai, in close proximity to the Burj Khalifa Complex and the Dubai Fountains, the world's largest fountains. Janus Rostock from the internationally active engineering and architecture group Atkins designed the spectacular building in a shape based on a dhow. The traditional Arabian ship shape honours the history of the Emirates, and combines tradition with contemporary design and functionality needs. This is also demonstrated by the automatic swing doors with Powerturn drives, which fit harmoniously into the post-modern architecture.

Creative freedom thanks to GEZE swing doors with Powerturn drive

It is absolutely imperative for the Dubai Opera to entertain and enrich both the indigenous population, the international community who live and work here, and visitors from across the globe with first-class performances. With a 2,000-seat auditorium and banqueting facilities for up to 1,000 guests, flexibility, convenience and safety take maximum priority with regard to door solutions. GEZE Powerturn swing door drives combine a variety of functions, a discreet design and maximum door design flexibility in a wide variety of structural surroundings. They are the perfect door solution for the inclined glass façades, which are also based on the curved shape of the dhow.

Swing doors in the façade: Convenience and security

A total of 13 double-leaf swing door systems guarantee visitors barrier-free access to the interior of the Dubai Opera. The Powerturn side-hung leaf drives move the large and heavy glass leaves quietly, lightly and safely. Their unique Smart swing function enables Powerturn doors to be easily opened manually from the inside. The typical GEZE drive design, only 7 cm high, is as discreet as it is functional. The wide-opening emergency exits enable everyone to evacuate the building as quickly as possible in the event of a danger such as a fire – even if there is a power failure.

Secure emergency exits thanks to GEZE FTV 320 emergency exit lock

If the façade swing doors are not operated in automatic mode, they are kept shut by the FTV 320 emergency exit lock. The compact emergency exit lock occupies only minimal space in the very slim door sections. When the opening push button inside the building is activated, or if a signal is received from the fire detector central unit, the emergency exit lock is released and the Powerturn drives open the door leaves. With a total of three lock latches, the door lock offers an especially strong hold and safe unlocking even under high preloads - when escaping people are pushing against the door in a panic situation, for example.

GEZE hold-open systems: Flexibility and security in building interiors

The numerous manual double-leaf swing doors which lead from the staircase hallways to the three upper storeys are required to provide barrier-free ease of access, fire protection and discreet design. GEZE hold-open systems were chosen as a door solution so that the doors can be left open, but shut automatically in the event of a fire. They electrically hold the doors open until they are closed either manually or by the triggering of a fire detector.

Swing doors that can be held-open individually - GEZE door closer systems

Detailed close-up of GEZE TS 5000 door closer.

Discreet design for contemporary swing doors: the GEZE TS 5000 door closer. © Nicolas Thome / GEZE GmbH

The GEZE TS 5000 E-ISM door closer system enables electromechanical hold-open with variable adjustment on both swing door leaves in the interior area. The hold-open angle for the door leaves can be individually set within in a range of 80 to 130 degrees, allowing the doors to be adapted to differing structural circumstances. The E-ISM guide rail, which is visible only when the door is open, ensures a continuous, discreet door design. It houses the electromagnetic (E)-hold-open function for both door leaves and an integrated closing sequence control, which can be set at various closing forces up to EN 6. If the door leaves' hold-open function is automatically triggered in the event of a fire, the closing sequence control guarantees reliable, secure closure. Naturally, all GEZE products in the Dubai Opera meet the current European standards and safety standards. This means that the TS 5000 E-ISM systems is also authorised for fire and smoke protection doors.

GEZE products in the Dubai Opera

  • GEZE Powerturn swing door drive
  • FTV 320 emergency exit lock
  • Hold-open systems with GEZE TS 5000 E-ISM door closer systems
  • GEZE TS 5000 door closer