Case studies

'Innovation meets emotion': GEZE swing doors for the Stuttgart trade fair

The new Stuttgart trade fair went into operation in 2007, with a perfectly planned infrastructure and unique connections for all traffic carriers across Europe. GEZE contributed to the functionality and convenience of the new trade fair as a complete provider with state-of-the-art door systems and door closers.

State-of-the-art door systems in harmony with the trade fair design

Glass swing door system in the façade of the new trade fair.

Secure and convenient: automatic swing doors with invisible integrated closing sequence control. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

In accordance with the plans by the Stuttgart architects Tobias Wulf and Kai Bierich, a state-of-the-art, economically and ecologically groundbreaking trade fair landscape has emerged - with 8 halls and a congress centre on a total area of 100,000 m². The spectacular car park with a green roof as a trade fair park ranges over the motorway. The panel of the Immobilien Zeitung (real estate newspaper) were also impressed by the project with regards to architecture, economics, innovation and user friendliness - they awarded the new trade fair with the Immobilien-Award (Real Estate Award). GEZE supplied complex door and safety technology for the new trade fair building, which fits perfectly into the contemporary building design.

Swing doors: secure ease of access in the escape routes

Double-leaf swing doors in fire safety design.

Spacious, secure ease of access: automatic swing doors implemented as fire and smoke protection doors. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

The central entrances to the trade fair complex must be prepared for high public traffic, and therefore have increased security demands. For this reason, GEZE TSA 160 automatic swing doors were installed in the hall façades, and equipped with the compact MA 500 high-performance hold-open magnet for escape and supply doors. The hold-open magnet locks the doors without sealing them. In the event of danger - even if there is a power cut - the doors can be opened quickly and safely. The stairwell doors in the main hall and the façade doors of the International Congress Centre have also been equipped with swing doors with TSA 160 drives; they provide fair visitors with secure ease of access in an open, transparent atmosphere.

GEZE TS 5000 door closers: convenient and discreet design

Close-up of GEZE door closer on fire protection door.

Integrated very discreetly into the door leaf - the GEZE Boxer door closer with smoke switch. Photo: MM Fotowerbung for GEZE GmbH

The swing doors in the connecting passages of the halls have been equipped with the GEZE TS 5000 L overhead door closer with T-Stop guide rail. The integrated opening restrictor prevents crushing between door leaf and stopper, increasing safety. The T-Stop door closer also fulfils the aesthetic demand, as entrances and passages can be designed without disruptive door stoppers.

Fire protection closer through integrated smoke switches

Door closers from the TS 5000 family are also used at the double-leaf doors in the supply and media passages under the trade fair halls; the GEZE TS 5000 R-ISM door closer is equipped with an integrated smoke switch control unit and alerts the smoke detector in the event of a fire, and self-closes the door. This ensures safe and smooth-running logistics in this area of the trade fair complex as well.

Multifunctional swing doors with discreet design

The wooden fire protection doors in the building have been installed with the GEZE Boxer EFS door closer with integrated RSZ6 smoke switch. This combines preventive fire protection and an elegant door design; door closer and guide rail are invisibly integrated into the door leaf, and can only be seen when the door is open. Smoke and fire are recognised early through a connection to the GEZE smoke switch control unit, and the fire protection doors are automatically closed.

Versatile door systems for a state-of-the-art trade fair project

The new Stuttgart trade fair is one of Europe's most challenging trade fair projects. The building concept for door systems, window and safety technology which GEZE implemented in the fair ensures maximum convenience for international visitors and fulfils the highest demands on security, functionality and design.

GEZE products in the Stuttgart trade fair

  • GEZE TSA 160 automatic swing doors
  • GEZE MA 500 high-performance hold-open magnet
  • GEZE TS 5000 L overhead door closer with T-Stop guide rail
  • GEZE TS 5000 R-ISM door closer
  • GEZE Boxer EFS door closer with RSZ6 integrated smoke switch