Case studies

GEZE door closers: Convenient at the highest level

Germany's first mountain resort sits in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. The concept of the Berchtesgaden Kempinski Hotel combines luxurious modernity with natural elements. GEZE equipped the five-star hotel with innovative products such as the GEZE Boxer integrated door closers.

GEZE door systems for the highest design demands

The Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden, situated at a height of over 1000 m, was designed by the renowned Munich architects Kochta. Natural colours and shapes are just as key to the design of the resort as the selection of materials and the lighting design. The state-of-the-art door technology by GEZE is perfectly in line with the design concept of this extravagant project.

Automatic all-glass sliding doors in the entrance area

Glazed automatic door in the hotel entrance.

Elegant design: Glazed sliding doors with Slimdrive SL drive in the entrance.

Two fully glazed automatic sliding doors in the main entrance of the hotel welcome hotel guests. GEZE selected the GEZE IGG integrated all-glass system for the automatic door, which integrates profiles and door fittings invisibly between the moving leaves. In combination with the Slimdrive SL drive, which is only 70 mm high, this solution is both elegant and functional. As well as its small construction height, Slimdrive SL is also characterised by its versatility - the drive is also certified under DIN 18650. The minimalist all-glass sliding doors provide a contrast to the natural stone façade, and are a perfect fit with the entire design concept of the mountain resort.

GEZE Boxer – elegantly integrated door closer

Berchtesgaden Kempinski Hotel offers 126 guest bedrooms and 12 suites. All bedroom doors have been consistently equipped with GEZE Boxer door closers to offer guests and staff optimal ease of access. The integrated door closers from the Boxer series fit almost invisibly into the door leaf, making them a perfect fit with the luxury hotel's exclusive room concept. GEZE offers Boxer door closers in two different closer sizes.

  • Sizes 2-4 move door leaves with a width of up to 1100 mm and a weight of up to 130 kg
  • Sizes 3-6 move door leaves with a width of up to 1400 mm and a weight of up to 180 kg

The integrated Boxer ISM door closer with mechanical closing sequence control is suitable for use on double-leaf doors. The Boxer E-ISM version offers additional convenience and increased security, and is also equipped with an electromechanical hold-open device, as well as a mechanical closing sequence control.

Functional floor springs for large doors in corridor areas

Corridor area with glass partitioning wall and open glass door.

Heavy corridor doors can be individually held open with GEZE floor springs.

Part of the corridor area of the Berchtesgaden Kempinski Hotel is divided with fully glazed partition walls. The rooms can be accessed via large glass doors. GEZE equipped the heavy doors mounted on structural belts with the TS 550 E-G floor spring, and the TS 550 E-IS-G version with an integrated closing sequence control for double-leaf doors. The high load-bearing capability of the floor springs, the hold-open angle with variable adjustment and the adjustability of further parameters such as closing force and speed played a key role in the decision to op for these solutions.

GEZE products in the Berchtesgaden Kempinski Hotel

  • GEZE IGG integrated all-glass systems
  • Slimdrive SL drive
  • GEZE Boxer door closer
  • TS 550 E-G floor spring
  • TS 550 E-IS floor spring