Case studies

A multitude of functions and a luxury design

The Schloss Elmau Retreat – Luxury Suites & Spa is famous not only for its historical atmosphere. The G7 summit, which was held at the five-star Superior Hotel in Krün, Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2015, also contributed to the international reputation of the completely renovated castle hotel. GEZE equipped the exquisite retreat with state-of-the-art door systems which meet the highest functionality, design and comfort requirements.

Schloss Elmau Retreat expands the historic Schloss Elmau

After a fire destroyed a large part of the listed Schloss Elmau in 2005, the castle owner Dietmar Müller-Elmau decided to rebuild his castle hotel with several luxury extras. To offer guests sufficient accommodation despite new features such as a concert hall, a further hotel was planned in the large grounds, in parallel to the rebuilding of the castle.

The Schloss Elmau Retreat, with its 47 suites, is now part of the main castle, and a world in itself. The design by the Munich architects Hilmer & Sattler presents luxury as simplicity most refined. The grand, modern, art deco architecture was created with subtle influences from Asia and Tuscany, using select materials from all over the world.

A hotel as work of art - first-class door systems

A double-leaf glazed curved sliding door is stylishly integrated into the prestigious entrance to the luxury hotel. The GEZE Slimdrive SCR drives move the door leaves almost silently, welcoming hotel guests comfortably and very efficiently.

A door system that is elegantly integrated into the façade.

Christoph Sattler, architect, Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, Munich

"We decided on a large GEZE automatic curved sliding door system built towards the outside as a connection between the sophisticated façade architecture and the atmosphere of the Schloss Elmau Retreat entrance area. The door system with four rounded glass leaves, fine-framed aluminium profiles and a ceiling rose in a silk-matt, discreet grey emphasises the elegance of the façade." Christoph Sattler, architect, Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, Munich

Spacious passages with optimal daylight use

Claudia Dressel, architect, DBLB Architekten + Ingenieure, Munich

"This tailor-made construction with the 360 degree drive technology of the Slimdrive SCR series integrated into the ceiling rose combines glass aesthetics with all the requirements for contemporary automatic doors. An accessible 2.3 m wide passage was created despite the limited façade gap. A passage height of 2.65 m and six rounded glass elements at the side make optimal use of available daylight, adding to the bright and inviting atmosphere," Claudia Dressel, architect, DBLB Architekten + Ingenieure, Munich

Glass sliding doors: Perfect harmony with the hotel architecture

Another automatic door system by GEZE emphasises the elegant design of a vestibule in the hotel lobby; two fine-framed linear Slimdrive SL NT glass sliding door systems provide access to the terrace, with its view of the magnificent Wetterstein mountains.

As the installation of the drives, which are only 70 mm in height, on fixed glazed wooden elements demonstrates, classic designs by GEZE can be integrated into any architecture and every environment. As with all areas of the hotel, different materials and colours have been consciously combined: the bronze-coloured, powder-coated aluminium profiles and drive housings for the automatic doors are in perfect harmony with the wooden elements.

Convenience and safety - thanks to innovative automatic doors

Automatic door systems with Slimdrive drive technology fulfil all the requirements of the challenging operation of the hotel:

  • Opening and closing with elegant precision
  • Automatic adjustment of hold-open times to fit the frequency of movement
  • Individual settings for all movement parameters for both door leaves
  • Type-approved and certified in accordance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005
  • State-of-the-art control technology

Escape and rescue routes with GEZE door systems

The glass sliding doors provide optimal ease of access in the day-to-day hotel operations, thanks to the Slimdrive drive. In the event of danger, they act as escape and rescue route doors, and openings for the supply of air in the event of a fire. Thanks to the special FR drive variety, the emergency opening button ensures they open safely even in the event of a power failure. The curved sliding door system of the hotel entrance is also equipped with an emergency exit lock which enables closing from outside to inside.

GEZE products in the Hotel Schloss Elmau Retreat

  • GEZE Slimdrive SCR drive
  • Linear glass sliding doors from the Slimdrive SL NT series