2019-2023: Innovative solutions for a sustainable future

In the last and final article of the GEZE Scandinavian 25th anniversary history, we look at the years 2019-2023 and into the future. From a local requisition of a smaller company, the organization has now grown to more than 60 employees covering 8 countries. Innovative new products from the German Head Quarters, local customer service and an extremely high expertise among local staff gives GEZE Scandinavia the unique situation of always being able to support the market with products of highest quality as well as specialized products for the most advanced demand in the building industry.

A balanced development of the Scandinavian subsidiary

In der finnischen Hauptstadt Helsinki gewinnen die Lösungen von GEZE zunehmend an Marktanteilen.

In the Finnish capital of Helsinki, GEZE solutions are increasingly gaining market shares.

During the past five years, GEZE Scandinavia has experienced a balanced development throughout all countries. The development of the markets in the three Baltic countries with local GEZE employees and close cooperation with partners, has been a proven strategy. In Finland, GEZE has also experienced a great increase in market positioning and sales. In Finland, as in the other Nordic countries, the GEZE door solutions have proven its worth in the health care sector, with involvement in several larger hospital building projects.  

Hygienic solutions for the Health Care Sector

Søren Wander Jensen, Country Manager GEZE Danmark

Søren Wander Jensen, Country Manager GEZE Denmark

In Denmark, Norway and Sweden an increased market demand for hygienic opening and closing solutions has led to an increased sale and even more focus on automatic door solutions, than before. The touch free activations have become daily request, especially in the Health Care Sector. “We see a necessary focus on the hygienic opening solutions, which for GEZE leads to an increased success as we build on our already established expertise with high quality products and industrial knowledge,” tells Søren Wander Jensen, Country Manager GEZE Denmark.

RigsHospitalet Kopenhagen

In Copenhagen, Denmark, GEZE was heavily involved in the construction of the new north wing of the Rigshospitalet in the center of the capital.

The north wing was officially opened in January 2020. The expansion of the hospital is approx. 55,000 m2 and built to handle the most advanced and specialized surgical operations in Denmark. The architecture and aesthetics play a major role in creating the best possible environment for the patients. "At GEZE, we have extensive experience with hospital projects, both when it comes to new construction, renovation projects and daily service," says Johnny Winther, Service Manager at GEZE Denmark.

Johnny Winther, Servicechef GEZE Denmark

Johnny Winther, Service Manager GEZE Danmark

Johnny was involved in the North Wing project and daily on site for more than one year. “We have installed 33 hermetically sealed automatic door systems and 140 automatic door systems for glass and steel sliding doors: It was highly important for the hospital to have touch-free activations on all doors, and these were installed both on new and existing automatic doors. More than 450 activations from GEZE are installed in the hospital today,” says Johnny

Hallvard Banken, Landesleiter GEZE Norwegen

Hallvard Banken, Country Manager GEZE Norway

Also in Oslo, Norway the GEZE door solutions were preferred as the new City Emergency Center was build. The Center was opened this year and every day the patients and the health care staff experience the convenience and hygienic door openings from a total of 60 door drives, which GEZE installed in the building. “With the high expertise of the local GEZE team, we have created customized solutions and been on site every day to secure the installation in time. Also, we have had the great fortune to find local partners for special solutions needed in health care buildings like this one. We are truly happy to be able to contribute to the health care buildings in Oslo,“ tells Hallvard Banken, Country Manager GEZE Norway

Automatic solutions for controlled building management

During the history of the Scandinavian subsidiary, much sales and market development have been focused on door automatics. The demands for accessibility, combined with considerations of user comfort and design are all in favor of the automatic solutions. However, the resent years have lifted the demand for automatic doors to be integrated in the building automation, as questions of sustainability creates the focus on Smart Building. 

Automatic ventilation for sustainable buildings

Herrstadskolan in Järfälla, Schweden

The Herrstad School was the first school to receive the Swedish Green Building Council’s Gold certification.

The Herrstad school in Järfälla, Sweden, was prior to its time when build in 2016. The school was the first to receive the Swedish Green Building Concil’s Gold certification, which involves very high requirements when it comes to saving energy, air quality, acoustics and the control of chemical substances in the indoor environment. GEZE’s committed collaboration with the building contractor Skanska contributed to these requirements being fulfilled with among other things automatic controlled natural ventilation at night.

Art.5_Reine Ringblom, Project Sales.png

Reine Ringblom, Project Sales GEZE Sweden

Natural ventilation is just one of many functions requested in modern buildings. At GEZE, we know that the future will bring an increased focus on the Smart Building and automatic control of doors and windows will help improve the building environment as well as the sustainability,” tells Reine Ringblom, Project Sales GEZE Sweden. 

Automatic doors connect to fire system

Doppelflügeltüren mit automatischer Öffnung

The large double swing doors with automatic opening and close, provide both comfortability and safety as they are connected to the building’s fire system..

At Naturkraft in Ringkøbing, Denmark, it is crucial that all guests feel both welcome and safe when they visit the experience park. The experience park puts nature’s fascinating forces in focus with playfull activities both indoors and outdoors. The guests experience how nature, sustainability and climate are connected. This focus has continued in the building and the choice of door solutions. GEZE has delivered and installed a complete solution for the large entrance doors, with optimal security for the many visitors who move in and out of the building on a daily basis. A very powerful solution is combining fire- and rescue routes with comfortable access. To meet Naturkraft’s need for ventilation, both double doors are approved for replacement air as well as daily ventilation. Full safety has of course been installed on the large entrance doors, as they work fully automatic. “We see a high demand for connecting the doors to building safety, fire systems and the like. Therefore, we are happy to have the expertise in our team,” says Søren Wander Jensen

Building automation for future generations

As we take a look into the future of GEZE Scandinavia and the building industry, we know for sure that automatic solutions will keep increasing in demand as they are more and more connected to automatic building control as well as smart solutions. The green sustainability lays a path for the future of the industry and our global environment with focus on energy consumption is both now in the presence as well as mush in the future.

At GEZE, we are very excited for the future of our newly launched Building Automatic connectivity control: myGEZE Control. With myGEZE Control, we introduce the next generation of networking and bridge the gap in building automation with a smart solution for networking door, window and safety systems. The myGEZE Control connectivity platform was introduced at this year’s BAU Fair in Munich. “There was a great interest in the solutions as we met with Scandinavian customers at the fair,” tells Reine Ringblom who was present at the fair together with many other Scandinavian and international colleagues.

The platform with modular software and open interfaces heralds completely new approaches to building automation for planners and operators everywhere. The control provides more efficiency, safety, and convenience as it includes dynamic door safety and fire protection concepts, intelligent smoke and heat extraction. An exciting new solutions, useful in all types of building around the world.

See the presentation from BAU:

25 Jahre Skandinavien Karte

Today, GEZE Scandinavia covers 8 countries

As we excitedly look forward to see what the future will bring for myGEZE Control and all other innovative GEZE solutions, we thank you for following the 25th Anniversary History of GEZE Scandinavian. We hope to have you as part of our world in the next 25 years as well.