2014-2018: Hygienic and user-safe door solutions become a success in the local markets.

A decade ago, the business of GEZE Scandinavia was on a thriving path. The innovative door automatics had shown to be a success on the Nordic markets and the staff size had grown in both Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In all three countries, the Service departments were a reality, and the complete solutions including installations gave access to many opportunities and fulfilling service to the customers. On Iceland a local partner grew the market awareness and took care of GEZE installations on many high profile buildings.

Hygienic solutions are successful at local hospitals

Automatische Schiebetüren erhöhen sowohl die Hygiene als auch den Komfort in Krankenhäusern

Automatic sliding doors increase both hygiene and comfortability at hospitals

The GEZE door automatics became an attracted solutions for the health care sector. With touch-free solutions, high level of safety and an outstanding durability, the high quality products were implemented in several of the large hospitals, health care clinics and elderly homes in the three countries. With automatic opening of the entrance doors the buildings became modernized and accessible for all users. At GEZE the focus on user safety was in focus and the most modern safety sensors were always installed with the doors, as well as complete compatibility with the fire safety system. As GEZE was also able to offer full installation on larger projects, access was gained to large health care projects like the New University Hospital in the western part of Denmark.


530 Automatic door systems from GEZE were installed in the renovation of the Nordlands Hospital. in Bodø, Norway.

In the very north part of Norway, the Hospital in Bodø was renovated with GEZE door automatics and in Sweden GEZE door drives were installed in several hospital projects in cooperation with partners. The successful projects provided influence in the local markets as well as highly valued experience. Years later, this has given base for participation in great projects like the New Emergency Center of Oslo and the North Wing of the Danish Rigshospital in Copenhagen.  

Focus on user-safety is emphasized.

Magnus Gupefjäll demonstriert Sicherheit gemäß EN16005

Safety according to EN16005 is demonstrated by Magnus Gupefjäll.

Sehen Sie, wie GEZE Vertriebsingenieur Magnus Gupefjäll die volle Sicherheit nach EN16005 an einer automatischen Drehtür demonstriert

In 2013, the focus on safety when using automatic doors, was raised by the European safety regulation who published the EN16005. However, without clear interpretation and clear boundaries, all partners on the market had problems integrating the standard. Today, 10 years later the EN16005 has had a true realization as the competitors on the markets have worked together to put this in focus.

worked together to put this in focus.

Both suppliers, installers and end users are now paying attention to adapting the daily practice to secure a high level of user safety. Together with the other members in the Swedish SEM group, GEZE is  putting an strong emphasizes on this. Led by the GEZE Sales Engineer, Magnus Gupefjäll, the SEM group in Sweden is giving lectures throughout the country to increase awareness. “In the SEM group, we have great success with open conversations and a united focus on Safety. This has led to a joined force on the market, in order to secure the safety on all doors,” says Magnus Gupefjäll. In the majority of the Nordic countries GEZE has had great advantages of having very experienced Sales Engineers in our local teams. Not only with Magnus in Sweden, but also in the other countries, many years of working experience and great knowledge of door automatics empowers our engineers to continue lifting the daily sale and secure the safety on automatic doors throughout the market.

Watch when GEZE’s Sales Engineer Magnus Gupefjäll demonstrates full safety according to EN16005 on an automatic swing door:

Increased market size in GEZE Scandinavia

Patrik Larsson, Country Manager für Finnland, Estland, Lettland, Litauen und Island

Patrik Larsson is the Country Manager for Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

Another great event in the Nordic subsidiary was the growth of markets, as the Baltic counties joined the organization in 2016. For many years, the Baltic customers had been dealing directly with the sales team at the German GEZE head quarter and partly with GEZE staff in a locally situated office. The prices, product offers and service was however no longer providing the intended outcome. The strategic decision of adding a greater focus on the region and pushing for a larger development of the GEZE business, led to an internal re-organization of the Baltic markets. In 2016 the three countries joined the Scandinavian subsidiary. “I started in the company right after the Baltics had become part of the Scandinavian subsidiary.” tells Patrik Larsson, Country Manager of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland. “It was clear to me that there was a great potential in the markets, and we have surely seen that come true. Today, we are able to support customers with local expertise from our GEZE sales engineers, and I am very positive that we have only just begun our growth journey in this region.”, says Patrik Larsson.

Today, several years later, the Baltic colleagues have become a settled part of the Scandinavian team. The cooperation with colleagues in the other Scandinavian countries is great and provides benefits for both colleagues and customers in project management as well as in the daily work situations. The profound local support to the customers have led to GEZE solutions being implemented in many amazing buildings like the Bentley building in Vilnius and the National Library in Riga.

As we continue the celebration of our 25th anniversary, we look forward to share the last piece of our anniversary history with you soon.

To be continued