GEZE solutions for comfortability, barrier free access and design at The National Library of Riga, Latvia

In the center of the beautiful Latvian capital the amazing building of the National Library is mirroring its façade in the river. Drawn by Gunnar Birkerts Architects, Gelzis-Smith/Arhetips, the building rises up in an almost majestic shape of a mountain top. The front façade is covered in glass and mirrors the water of the river back on to land.

The National Library of Latvia

National Library of Latvia in Riga

This extraordinary bookshelf holds approximately 7000 books in 50 languages from all over the world.

The National Library of Latvia hosts a 56.000 m2 of book collections, and was ready for the public to use in 2014, after a 5 years construction period. The Library's holdings today encompass more than 5 million titles, incl. about 18.000 manuscripts from the 14th century up to modern times. The National Library is a center of theoretical research and practical analyses of the activities of Latvian libraries, and ensures the library and information service to the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia.

Cooperation and quality products are the key to success

Slimdrive SL NT Eingangstür

The double sliding glass doors in the entrance is equipped with GEZE Slimdrive SL NT.

In Latvia the local GEZE Sales Engineer, Gvido Musperts, has worked closely with the architects to provide the needed solutions for both comfortability, barrier free access and design.

The great double sliding glass doors in the entrance is equipped with GEZE Slimdrive SL NT. Detection sensors make sure the doors open automatically when the visitors approaches. The doors are also equipped with safety sensors, according to EN 16005.

“This is a publicly accessible building, used by people of all age groups”, Gvido Musperts tell, “It is of great importance that people feel both welcomed and safe when walking through the automatic doors. At GEZE, we always make sure that the solution is compliant to the highest level of user safety, according to EN 16005. While the door design has to integrate to the open and light building environment, also stability and durability of the door drives have to be in top. With the solutions we have supplied in the National Library, the doors have a high frequency in use and here the GEZE drives are truly reliable.”   

Throughout the building also many door closers from GEZE are installed on doors. The door closers are fitted on the glass doors from the hallways into smaller office spaces and quite reading rooms. The TS 4000 door closers as well as TS 5000 ISM are installed on single and double doors in the fire escape routes throughout the building. “The GEZE door closers are popular in Riga.” says Gvido Musperts. “In this building it was of particular importance that the design was as smooth and clean as it is. The GEZE door closers are known for the high quality and great functionality in the market, which means that you will see a lot of GEZE door closers on many locations in this capital.” he tells.

Safe design of automated windows

Spindle drive E 250 NT.png

Automatic window drive E 250 NT, connected to the fire and smoke ventilation of the building

One of the more special installations is on the roof top window, which is needed both as an exit for maintenance work and as ventilation in case of smoke and fire. GEZE was able to supply the automatic window drive E 250 NT, connected to the fire and smoke ventilation of the building. When necessary it provides a functional exit for staff maintaining the roof.

We worked with the architects from day one, and helped finding the best solutions to match both design and usability in the building.

Gvido Musperts, GEZE Sales Engineer

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