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GEZEconnects enables a wireless connection between a PC and GEZE automatic door systems. The commissioning and servicing can now be easily done via an intuitive user interface. Additionally, diagnosis functions are shown in real-time.

Download: GEZEconnects V4.4


GEZEthermic calculates the thermal transmittance (so-called “U-values“) of GEZE sliding door operators, according to EN ISO 1077-1:2006-09. The U-values can be used by building planners and architects for the calculation of energy balance of buildings.

Download: GEZEthermic V2.1


För en snabb och enkel hantering av .dxf-filer för visning av CAD-ritningar, kan du ladda ned DWG TrueView med den här länken. Nedladdningsstorlek: 120 MB

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